Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photos from Various Protests in Chania, Greece (Island of Crete)

Daniela Bulgaru, who is currently studying in Chania on the Erasmus program, sent these photos she took of various strikes and rallies going on in the area around Chania. Most of these were taken in the last week or so, although some go back to March.

All photos taken by Bulgaru Daniela Maria.

"I was at school," she says. "They closed the school and had a meeting, and some were like, 'Hey, how are you? We are having a strike--would you like to join us?'" Students are protesting because of funding cuts.

Hellenic Post office employees.

The KKE is (as if you couldn't tell) the Communist Party of Greece.

The KNE is the youth wing of the KKE.

Strikes in Crete are advertised a day or two in advance with posters and flyers (e.g., "come to strike tomorrow, agora, 15:00"). Live music is often featured. Ms. Bulgaru says that some folks show up not knowing precisely which strike they are participating in!

Poster for the All-Workers Militant Front.

Ms. Bulgaru says that the reason students enjoy relatively little intervention from police in their protests stems from World War II; a number of student broadcasters at university were killed back then (the banner below is in observation of that). Thus, today's Greek universities are effectively freedom zones for political expression.

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