Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lonely Planet Design

What if the font sizes on the covers of Lonely Planet European guides were proportional to the populations of the countries covered within? Sure, we've all asked this at some point, but I have endeavored to illustrate some of the results.

The Netherlands has a slightly above average-sized population for a European nation (hence the lettering doesn't quite fit).

The title of the guide to the largest European country doesn't fit at all, but hopefully the image I have used will convey the subject.

You may be surprised to know that Slovenia is not the smallest European country, population-wise, to have its own Lonely Planet guide.

For example, there is this country:

A Serbian friend pointed out that he did not know the population of his country because it seemed each day it was getting smaller. I have designed a Lonely Planet cover to acknowledge the changing situation.

If you have a favorite European country you want me to design a cover for, let me know.

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