Monday, May 31, 2010

10 Days with Europe's Top 10 Pop Music Scenes. #7.

A bit late in the day with this post; I had an old-fashioned epic night out in Atlanta with a friend last night (made possible in part because it's an American holiday today). I have spent much of the day in bed. Only now am I beginning to feel human again.

Number 7: Lithuania. 8.72% GREEN (8.72% of that country's charting songs earned top marks on my spreadsheet)

For those flummoxed by geography, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania conveniently lie in alphabetical order as they run from north to south down the Baltic Sea coast. Lithuania is in the odd position of bordering Kalingrad, a Russian exclave (Kalingrad is part of Russia but is physically isolated from the rest of that country). Belarus, that odd duck of a county ruled by the "last dictator in Europe," lies to Lithuania's south-east, but the comforts of the EU lie just across a stretch of Lithuania's south-western border with Poland.

The result is a music scene of some complexity, reflecting both the trashy glitz of Russian pop (especially when it comes to leggy girl groups) and the more laid-back live rock band sound that dominates much of Central Europe. Oh, and WTF?

Some tracks from the last couple of years:

Alanas Chošnau - Išlaisvink mane
Diamond - Dangiški migdolai
SEL - Parašyk Man Laišką Iš Paryžiaus (Remix)
Stano - Šypsnis
Viktorija Perminaitė - Maža maža
Vilija ir Merūnas - Mano meilei

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