Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Piraeus Bank is Holding My Debit Card Hostage

From Kiev, Ukraine
They admit that they have it, but they are asking for all sorts of paperwork to be sent from my bank in order to return it to me, very unreasonable. Of course, Bank of America was closed on Sunday and on Monday as well (MLK Day Monday). It is 4:24 PM on Tuesday and the debit card office has been open only half an hour today due to the time zone change. This whole experience has really sucked. The branch manager is always out, and so it looks like I'm going to have to cancel the card.

Actually, I am reporting it stolen, and I am going to explain that it was stolen by Piraeus Bank in Kiev.

Others at the hostel say that Piraeus Bank has a reputation for this sort of stuff. But other banks in Ukraine have done this, too. Christy, a girl who spent one night here last night and has been in the Peace Corps in Ukraine for a year and a half, says she has had to cancel four (!) cards due to these sorts of things.

UPDATE: Card canceled, new one is en route via courier.

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