Monday, January 11, 2010

My Last Full Day in Atlanta

I'm just sitting at the Buckhead Mercedes/SmartCar center, so I might as well blog. I'm getting a tire replaced before I turn the SmartCar over to Greg, who drives off in it this evening. Cost is nearly $200, $125 for the tire and $65 for the labor. The last month has been full of expensive surprises.

Tomorrow I fly to NYC for a last evening with my friends up there. Then it's off to Kiev. I decided to arrange for a taxi in Kiev to take me from the airport, because I know I'm going to be exhausted and stressed from trying to make two connections between New York and Ukraine.

Friend Liza loaned me a kick-ass backpack that is a considerable upgrade from the one I currently use. I will finally do a dress-rehearsal packing of my stuff tonight in order to see what I can realistically carry.

Friends Laura and Bryan loaned me a pair of gloves that will be much appreciated.

Yesterday I bought some great new shoes from REI that are both club-appropriate and sensible for walking in the cold weather.

Brookstone offers rechargeable heated insoles, but at a hundred bucks these are well outside my price range. $4 versions of these sorts of things can be had at REI, but they are for one-time use only. I'll let my feet suffer a little.

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