Saturday, October 30, 2010


Sometimes I worry that Ke$ha will release a good song, because then I'd have to rethink my assessment of her as America's Least Talented Pop Star. I enjoy having my paradigm shifted on most things, but on Ke$ha I remain stubborn. If Ke$ha ever succeeds, then the skies will turn black as a plague of stinging locusts rain down from the heavens. These locusts will gnaw our flesh into a gelatinous pulp, leaving only bare bones behind.

Fortunately, her new song sucks.


  1. Haha! She's so dumb and gross. She even looks genuinely trashy. Though she's all made up in videos, etc., somehow her deeper rotten core seeps out. And I always think she looks like she smells like pee, and that snarl on her face makes me think she can smell it too. I especially hate the song (and video for) "Take it Off."

  2. Amen to everything you said. The more we can trash Ke$ha (and not in the cool sense of "EorE?" "trash"), the better!