Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bank of America Incompetence Continued

They sent me a new debit card to Romania, but they failed to include the last digit of the zip code. So they are sending me yet another debit card.

Because I suspected zip codes are not as important in Bucharest, which has a different address system, I asked them to not cancel the other card, but to send a back-up as well to the same (but corrected) address. But they cannot do this; policy states one must cancel one card before sending another. So, I would not be surprised if the now-canceled card arrives tomorrow in Bucharest, while I sit and wait for another 5 to 7 business days.

One would think that VISA-911, their emergency card services number, would be for exactly the sort of situation I am in. But VISA-911 has been useless. They cannot issue a debit card by Fed-Ex without authorization from Bank of America. So if you call them and ask for a card to be sent to you, they will tell you to call Bank of America and have BoA then get back in contact with them.

And today, VISA-911 denied me emergency cash. I was disqualified because I changed my address recently (due to my moving out of apartment). For security reasons, I am told, one must have been at one's current address for 90 days.

First thing I will do when I return to America: sue Bank of America.

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  1. BofA is a scoundrel. an ugly monstrous scoundrel